A Misconception of Some Website Owners

A number of websites are down today for the sake of dissatisfaction of their site owners. It is discovered to be a misinformation that led to the misconception of many. Some site owners thought about investing in website development that would start generating revenue the next day. Possibly, because they have seen many web business promotion all over the internet with false promises to generate $ 200,000 within three days. so much for attractive fictitious business advertisement.

The Misconception of All Time

Website does not operate the business for the site owner, rather it is the business that operates the website. The misconception of many site owners over the years was based on their understanding that once they acquire a good looking and proper functioning website, it is, therefore, mandatory for that website to generate profits automatically without any further effort. This assumption is wrong.”

The Business owners must run their website to achieve set goals; and to do so, it is either they learn how to manage their own website or hire an expert to manage it for them. Now, let’s take you to some helpful tips.


There are four cardinal areas to explore, which are findings, solution, promotion, and communication. Every professional developer understands that a website is just a place that represents your online presence; while few describes it as a tool that site owners use to operate their business.

The website does not operate a business, it is the business that operates a website. The misconception of many site owners over the years is based on the understanding that once they acquire a good looking and proper functioning website, it is mandatory for the site to generate profit automatically without further effort. This understanding is wrong.

Four Important Areas of Consideration

Therefore, if a business must operate a website, the following guidelines are necessary:

1. A business should research the needs of her customers with a promise to provide solutions.

An average web suffers visits the internet in search of solutions, which might be an information about something, local or international news, opportunities, support group, products, services and more. A good business should address the needs of her customers on her website.

2. Develop products and services that solve a problem.

A business is said to be a commercial organization such as a company, shop or factory whose activity is to make, buy, sell, supply goods or services for money. What if a website has nothing to offer?

3. Promote your products and services.

A cheaper way to do this is best on a website that is linked to social media like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.

4. Learn to communicate better with your target customers.

Decide the best tool to choose from, this could be blog, articles, slides, video, audio, animation, banner, graphics, pictures, webform, email marketing and more.

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I Am New To Website Mangement


You are now a proud owner of a website. This suggests that you can be accessed from anywhere in the world, sell your own products, publish your own article, have a video broadcast on the internet for tons of people to watch, site visitors can contact you for solutions, you will be able to offer services to people online, make a whole lot of money for your business, educate online students, advertise your products and services, and more. A new website owner is super excited about this great achievement and must learn website management skills.

Now, there are three basic issues at stake, which are:

  1. where do you begin?
  2. What should I do?
  3. and How do I do it?

It is normal to be confused at this stage. Every new site owner goes through a similar experience like yours. Therefore, we are going to find answers to those three basic questions in this tutorial.

How Do I Go About This?

You are required to have some multimedia materials, hardware and software resource to engage in Website management. We also advise that you acquire some skills to perform this task; skills like building a solution driven articles, graphics designing, video editing, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and/or how to use WordPress.

Please, understand that this task is a practical one with lots of exercises. You should know the structure of your website, and revisit the purpose of your website project. To manage a website demand a dedicated commitment of time, creative thinking, learning some technical tips and hints to keep you on-board. If you think you don’t have the time to manage your own website, we suggest you hire an expert to do it for you. This is why we are here. You can count on kfi4allonline.com to handle this task for you.

Furthermore, Who are your target audience? Do you plan to generate Revenue? or Build Relationships? This is it. Acquiring this new website is for a categorical reason or for some reasons. Now, what is it, and what goals are on-ground for achieving this dream?

Hey! Cheer up and don’t be hard on yourself, kfi4all is going to offer every possible support to achieving this dream. If you have any question, feel free to send an email to “info@kfi4allonline.com”.

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