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About Our Industry

Creative thinkers are known to be searching for opportunities to showcase their talents and touch the world. They loved to be heard, seen, read and accepted as relevant stories that can help change and make the world a better place.

This is what kfi4all World Venture stands for; to offer opportunities to the growing talents and provide business services to investors, institutions, organizations, and industries.

Your voice, lyrics, custom scripts, ideas, and wishes are processed into finished audio products, videos, ebooks, animation, photos and website designs.

We got started as a production crew in 1992 and became an Industry in 2007, creating scripts, developing apps, shooting and editing movies, producing quality audios, training people, and developing website for private owners, small and large scale businesses.

Note that kfi4all is also open to you. Feel free to do business or partner with us today.

Kfi4all is located in Ekpoma, Edo, Nigeria, where we make films, record audios, develop and manage websites for customers, build database applications to improve efficiency in costumer’s business experience, develop and sell consumer products; offers services, training, and gives opportunities to the growing talents.

We are not just like the others, kfi4all offers more! The Industry congregates a community that helps to build peoples’ status, offers training, development and help growing talents to have a future worth living for.

Kfi4all World Venture® aims at helping a NOBODY to become SOMEBODY. This we hope to achieve with your God-given potentials, just discover yourself and abilities, develop them and move up to earning a future for yourself.

Kfi4all, a community of creative talents.

You may contact us now on +234(0)8038606060 and +234(0)8078585944,
or email: info@kfi4allonline.com for enquiry and business purposes only.

edwin oghogho

The Man Behind kfi4allonline

Edwin Oghogho is the CEO of kfi4all World Venture® and kfi4allonline.coma Priest of the Diocese of Esan, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion. He is a Computer Scientist in the fields of Digital Audio and Video Studio Productions, a web programmer and software engineer, also an instructor in holistic Computer Education. Edwin is married with children and lives in the Diocese where he currently serves as a priest.

Some Posibilities at kfi4all World Venture®


Visit Us at: Kfi4all World Venture® in Ven Ejodamen Memorial Anglican Church Compound, by Akahia Junction, Opoji Road, Along Idumegan Road, Uhiele, Ekpoma, Edo, Nigeria.

To contact us for Business and Enquiries

Call +234(0) 803 8606 060 &
+234(0) 807 8585 944

Send an email to info@kfi4allonline.com