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The customer support department is put in place to attend to all issues relating to the services, products, training, events and other necessary topics and subjects pertaining to the industry on Kfi4allonline website, this support page with other options such as the discussion forum, chat-room, support form, tutorials, products information, video tutorials, terms of service, privacy and the free study centre are available for assistance. Clients can call our phone lines, send us an email message, or visit our office during business hours. Customer service is 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most popular business-related questions our customers ask.

The customer service department is put in place to attend to all issues connected to the services, products, training, gospel network, events and other necessary topics and subjects pertaining to the industry on Kfi4allonline website, support page with other options such as the discussion forum, chatroom, support form, resource centre, product information, video tutorials, terms of service, privacy and the free talents library. Clients can call our phone lines and send us an email message, or visit our office at business hours. Customer service is 24/7.

Please read and understand the policies of Kfi4all World Venture carefully as you contract your project, buy products, get trained, and connect with our gospel network. It contains extremely important information on this link.

kfi4all website studio monitors customers websites for security support, report customers website status, and suggest possible ways to keep websites alive (meet goals).

At the completion of every website projects, Kfi4all offers training to clients operators to enable them manage their website and handle issues of driving traffic to their site.

We have three web hosting plans for our clients to choose from, and payments are made annually or upfront. Once, the payment is about to expire, clients are given one month notice, and at other subsequent times as a reminder. If action is not taken after these notices, the web hosting plan will expire and the website will be inaccessible; and the domain name will enter into a period of one month grace. If the client decides not to pay attention and allow it to linger for six months, this will lead to a cancellation of contract policy. For information, click here. The renewal of web hosting plan is mandatory for every client to keep their website on the internet.

The term abandoned refers to any project, business or contract not attended to, by way of formal report, interest or signs of responsibility within a period of six months. If after six months the client eventually shows up without cogent reasons for his/her actions; that client will have to re-negotiate the contract, or be referred to the cancellation of contract policy, or the breach of contract policy.

The management of websites is not a small matter as there are two approaches to it: managing the front end resource is one and administering the back end, SEO, web hosting and security concerns is another. These are basically two different things. Once, a website project is completed for a client, kfi4all offers the front end management to the client which include content update by way of uploading and downloading information resource (articles, products, videos, audio, graphics, photos, etc), but the back end, SEO, webhosting and security concerns are handled by us, for the benefit of our clients. This operation is referred to as the administrative rights of our industry. in case, a client seeks such administrative rights, see information on the Transfer of hosting administrative rights to clients policy.

The term “upgrade” is to improve the condition of client’s web hosting plan from a lower plan to a higher plan for better services. This will increase the performance, efficiency, capability, space, bandwidth etc of the website. To upgrade a client web hosting plan attracts additional cost. In case, a client falls into financial crises and wish to return to an earlier plan, this is also a possibility. To upgrade a web hosting plan clients should contact kfi4all to request this service.

The management of a professionally designed website is a serious business to handle. If a client has damaged his/her website for lack of experience, kfi4all shall request a maintenance fee to fix the damage. So, we suggest that a competent operator be hired to manage the website for so many obvious reasons.

A bug is a fault that may develop in a client’s website. if a client notice any bug in his/her website and kfi4all is informed, we shall fix all such bugs for free, no extra cost. Note that a fault is not the same as a damaged website. For information on a damaged website by a client, see damaged website by a client policy.

Cost and payment terms are a part of our contract policy.
After a client has completed business contract and negotiation with us (kfi4all world venture). The next phase is to make a down payment of 70% to get the project started; and the balanced 30% shall be due at the completion and delivery of the project. The industry accepts cash, cheques and the process of money transfer with our bank details. If a client decides to pay in full at the start of the project, it is acceptable. in a case where the balanced 30% is not paid as agreed at the completion and delivery period or date, kfi4all shall withhold the project until the balanced 30% is ready and payment made.

Supplementary payment policy is also available in extreme circumstances like accident or death situation, business disaster, and financial bankruptcy. this phase of our payment policy is subject to the discretion of the management of kfi4all, on whether to give the client a period of grace to make the payment or consider it a bad debt. Furthermore, if a client is investigated to be in the habit of indebtedness, the industry may report or hand such clients over to the government authorities until the payment is made.

Our refund policy is applicable to a claim/demand/request made by a registered customer for a full refund of the price paid for a product, contract, admission, or subscription, such refunds are only possible in the following situations:

1. When defective products are returned to the industry, but not damaged by the registered customer within 48hours of purchase.

2. If a contract agreement is not achievable (dissatisfaction of a completed project).

3. A situation where payments are made above the stipulated standard price of the industry.

4. The discontinuity of contract as a result of severe accident, hospitalization, or death. See, the cancellation of contract policy for more information.