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We develop custom website solutions for small and large businesses, companies, institutions, organizations, groups and individual.

You may contact us now on +234(0)8038606060 and +234(0)8078585944, or email: for enquiry and business purposes only.


“The best Web development company that makes your web ideas a reality”

We are a leading website development company for more than a decade. Our creative experience and dynamic skills in web designs and development has successfully delivered several well structured and fully functioning websites to private owners, merchants, organizations, institutions of learning and companies over the years with outstanding users experience and customers satisfaction policies. The aim of Kfi4all web company is to empower investors to make their dreams come true with our result-oriented websites. 

You may contact us now on +234(0)8038606060 and +234(0)8078585944, or email: for enquiry and business purposes only.

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Get 99.5% Complete Website and Mobile Solutions

Thinking about a website that Ranks High on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and more?
Do you consider Relevance, Content Development & Management, Keywords and Page Optimization?
Are you holding on to Site Security issues as HTTP & HTTPS, Accessibility, Site Traffic, Functionality and Professionalism?.
Kfi4all is one of the most reliable and affordable Webstudio for Solutions.


The world is so large, crowded, competitive, fused together with lots of undiscovered and inaccessible assets, products, services, businesses, places, talents, opportunities and information by the global population.

It creates a platform that is built on terms for effective marketing of services and products. Websites make businesses look more reliable if they’re represented in a professional manner.

Website plays the communication role between site owners and their potential cyber visitors. It can be accessed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from anywhere in the world and at anytime for relevant information. Websites improves product knowledge, sales and services; and it increases popularity of companies. Website development has created employment for developers; while, others are self employed. Today, people make money online.

In conclusion, websites offer low advertisement cost, it is convenient, saves time, money, stress and movements from one destination to another. Websites have enhanced credibility, sales, marketing, ensured better customer relationships, provide accessibility and attracts customers/visitors from around the world.

It has been very useful for research, learning and the exploration of places, people and more.


They build the backbone of websites, knows the languages specific to web: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and JQuerry. These are professionals who create websites with clean code, to entice and attract users to take desired actions; since, websites must look good and function properly. Although, website designing and development are two different skills; yet, one can learn to be both a designer and developer at the same time.

A website developer is a programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in the development of world wide web applications, or applications that runs over HTTP from a web server to a web browser.

Website developer could be a professional individual, team or company. Website developers are responsible for planning, designing, building, testing and launching of website projects. They combine the skills of both front and back-end designs for the web and mobile app solutions for effciency and high productivity.


The word “impact” is to have a strong effect on someone or something. This subject is concerned with what websites actually meant to the society or the role of websites on the society.

The impact of websites on society has increased sociability, civic engagement, and the intensity of family and friendship relationship in all culture.

Social relationships are being reconstructed on the basis of individual interests, values and projects. Online communities are being formed through individual’s quests for like-minded people in a process that combines online interaction with offline interaction, cyber space and the local space. This has changed the way we live, work, learn, profit, govern and communicate.

Websites are used by people to get information before making a purchase. The new world has no geographical separation and there are no borders, and people are encouraged to participate and contribute their experiences and resources for the common good of the global population.

The web has involved people more than the traditional media has ever managed in issues of citizen journalism. Today, people publish on Wikipedia, Digg,, eBay, etc. However, investigation shows that some are of the opinion that the web is a bit distasteful as a result of lower quality contents coming from the uninformed public; yet, it is necessary to get involved in other to shape things up. News has become less scarce and cheaper and this is really just the regular process of capitalism. The web has given people the responsibility to write to them and they work for us.

It is important to note at this point that the negative trends of website technology on the society have some adverse effects as listed below:

1. Only 15% of the internet population is actively interacting with web content; while, 26% are unconnected.
2. The recent trend towards video content reduces the emancipatory effect of text which was enjoyed in the earlier days of the web.
3. The bunch of people pretending to be social, having friends list with thousands of contacts on it are not really forming any relationships or producing any real content
4. Religious leaders, parents and employers think that the web is a great distraction to the younger population.

The conclusion is however based on the fact that the future of website technology holds more than the contemporary world can actually grasp.


There are four cardinal areas to explore, which are findings, solution, promotion and communication. Every professional developer understands that a website is just a place that represents your online presence; while, few describes it as a tool that site owners use to operate their business.

Website do not operate a business, it is the business that operates a website. The misconception of many site owners over the years is based on the understanding that once they acquire a good looking and proper functioning website, it is mandatory for the site to generate profit automatically without further effort. This understanding is wrong. 

Therefore, if a business must operate a website, the following guidelines are necessary:

1. A business should research the needs of her customers with a promise to provide solutions. 
An average web suffer visits the internet in search of solutions, which might be an information about something, local or international news, opportunities, support group, products, services and more. A good business should address the needs of her customers on her website.

2. Develop products and services that solves problem. 
A business is said to be a commercial organization such as a company, shop or factory whose activity is to make, buy, sell, supply goods or services for money. What if a website has nothing to offer?

3. Promote your products and services. 
A cheaper way to do this is best on a website that is linked to social media like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.

4. Learn to communicate better with your target customers. 
Decide the best tool to choose from, this could be blog, articles, slides, video, audio, animation, banner, graphics, pictures, webform, email marketing and more.

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